Passenger shot in the face in 'road rage' incident

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Thursday, April 9, 2015
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Police say a man in another car pulled out a gun and fired it several times

BAYTOWN, TX (KTRK) -- A man is hospitalized after he was shot in the face during what police are calling a 'road rage' incident.

At about 8pm Wednesday, a 27-year-old Baytown man was a passenger in a Honda Accord being driven by his 24-year-old brother-in-law. They reported an older model green BMW almost struck them in the 3600 block of West Baker.

Police say they sped up, followed the car and cut the it off. The two groups of people yelled at each other, cursed and flipped each other off. Then, police say a man from that other car pulled out a gun and fired it several times.

Bullets hit the car. One struck the man riding in the front seat.

Baytown Police Lt. Eric Freed said, "If you go with your gut reaction to 'get someone back' on the road, you are really rolling the dice. You just don't know."

Latravia McCarter is a friend of the man who was shot. "For someone to shoot someone just over that, it doesn't make any sense."

The BMW was last seen traveling west on Baker Road toward Spur 330. The victim was listed as stable at Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital.

Anyone with information about this shooting is urged to contact the Baytown Police Department at 281-422-8371 or Baytown Crime Stoppers 281-427-TIPS(8477). Viewers may also submit anonymous tips online.