What we know about the victims of the Liberty County shooting

Friday, May 31, 2019
What we know about the victims of the Liberty County shooting
What we know about the victims of the Liberty County shooting

ABC13 Eyewitness News is now learning more about the person killed, and three others shot in Liberty County Wednesday morning.

The shooting happened at the B Dependable Plumbing business at 26311 Highway 321.

The owner of Kristi's Barber Shop says it's been a tough day for her, and the owner of the plumbing company, Chris Grubbs, and his brother David are like family to her.

Family and friends remember him for having a big heart.

"I cannot stress enough how nice of a guy Chris is," said Liberty County Justice of the Peace Judge Ralph Fuller.

Chris let 65-year-old Pavol Vido live on the land behind his plumbing business for a decade. But over time, Vido filled the land with barrels and debris.

"Chris was telling him, 'Don't do this. Don't do that. You need to clean it up.' He would never do it," Fuller said.

When Vido wouldn't clean up his mess, Chris started an eviction process.

In February, a jury sided with Chris on the eviction, but months later Vido was still on the property.

"The Grubs, they were just bending over backwards to help this guy. I mean, taking him food, just super nice to him. Then, it ended tragically," Fuller said.

Investigators say Vido may have waited inside the business Tuesday night before killing 61-year-old Toni Kelly, and injuring the Grubbs family.

"The son-in-law went in the office first and saw Vido there. He knew something wasn't right, so he went outside to talk to Chris, who was coming in the parking lot," Fuller said.

As the son-in-law ran out to warn Chris, he heard a gunshot.

"They heard a shot from inside, so the son-in-law went back inside, saw David on the floor and Mr. Vido coming toward him with a handgun," said Fuller.

Vido fired a shot at Chris before stealing Kelly's car.

"He saw Chris running again so he turned the car back toward him and shot him through the window of the car," Fuller said.

Soon after, deputies say Vido got into a shootout with a deputy.

The deputy that was shot in the neck is in stable condition.

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"It's hard to describe. I mean, it's the worst kind of fear you could feel. That's one of your brothers and sisters out there. It's heart-wrenching," said Patton Village police chief Shannon Sharp.

Deputy Whitten has been with the sheriff's department for four years. He has two adult children, and has lived in Cleveland his entire life.


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