Republic Boots Co create custom cowboy boots by hand

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Tuesday, March 14, 2023
Handmade cowboy boots created the traditional way
Republic Boots Co passionate about keeping Texas culture alive

HOUSTON, Texas -- Authentic Texas cowboy boots is the reason people go to Republic Boots Co.

Chris Conrad opened the store 12 years ago as a way to preserve Texas culture.

"I lived in Italy for a number of years and I think being away gives you a better perspective of your homeland and whats important here" Conrad said.

The store employees master bootmakers, who create custom boots the traditional way. Head Bootmaker, Raul Cerrillo, is a third generation bootmaker. He has personally made boots for a number of celebrities including John Wayne, Steve McQueen and Roy Rogers.

Custom boots start at $1,800. The prices go up depending on the skin and design.

Republic Boots Co is located at 1133 E 11th Street.