Businesses reopening but UTMB experts warn of 2nd wave of infections

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Thursday, April 30, 2020
Texas reopening: Promising drug that can help fight COVID-19
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Texas business will be reopening but what happens if we see a spike in cases?

Texas is taking another step in the process of reopening on Friday. With the Stay at Home Order expiring Thursday, the governor is allowing restaurants to get back to business.

Lifting the statewide stay at home order will get off to a slow start. Restaurants and movie theaters have to stay at 25 percent capacity in order to prevent another spike in infections.

We won't know right away if the relaxed rules are working but experts warn that if we see an increase in COVID-19 infections over the next two weeks, it could mean the stay at home orders get put back in place.

"It takes about 14 days for this to show up in our testing. So, what I'm going to be concerned about is, two weeks from now, what are the test starting to look like that we are doing? If they move up past seven a day, I'm going to be concerned," Dr. Ben Raimer with UTMB Health said.

On a promising note, there is a potential treatment for those suffering from COVID-19. The drug remdesivir, which was originally made to fight Ebola, is already showing results.

UTMB was part of the initial testing on coronavirus patients and doctors say it has promising results but more testing is needed.

While parts of the economy return Friday, health experts are urging people to continue practicing social distancing, wearing masks and to stay at home as much as possible in order to prevent more infections.


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