Local boot company giving back to kids in need

Thursday, October 16, 2014
Local company gives back to international community
Buy a pair of boots, and the company will donate a pair to a child in need

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A local shop owner and designer are giving back to children by selling special rain boots.

The boots aren't only in style, but they're a big help. They're being sold at Magpies in Bellaire, Sugar Land, and Cypress.

So far, Roma Boots have given 20,000 pairs of rain boots to kids over four continents. The boot name Roma means "amor," or love, backwards, and spreading the love is what this mission is all about.

"I've always had a heart for children." When Magpies Gifts co-owner Megan Beauchamp became a mom, she wanted to do more to help children.

"I knew it wasn't the time to start something new, but I knew I could get behind something and really be passionate about it and support it, and that's when Roma Boots came," says Beauchamp.

Roma Boots founder Samuel Bristrian grew up in a small village in Romania. Life for his family was a bit of a struggle, but still, Bristrian says, "My parents instilled in us a sense of giving back and social responsibility."

So, when Bristrian wanted to find a way to be charitable, he did his research.

"Rain boots are the most essential footwear for children living in poverty. They're durable, they're sanitary, they're practical," Bristrian explains.

For every pair of boots purchased, another pair goes to a child in need.

However, Bristian adds, "We take it a step further. Ten percent of all our proceeds go to the Roma Boots Foundation to help kids get an education."

Magpies Gifts customers embraced the Boot for Boot concept.

"To know these boots go to an education purpose and puts shoes on a child who may have never had shoes... I think really means a lot," says Laurie Hughes.

"It's just such a great company, and I just wish there were more of them," adds Jennie Schwab.

Beauchamp knew she was giving back, but she got to experience it this summer when she joined Bristrian on a boot drop off in Guatemala, where they gave boots to hundreds of kids.

"As soon as we passed them out, the sky just poured down rain, and it was so beautiful to see the children running off in their red orange purple boots. It was like a rainbow. It was like a rainbow of hope," says Beauchamp.

Magpies Gifts has a sale this weekend. If you purchase a pair of child or adult Roma Boots this Friday or Saturday, October 17th or 18th, they'll do a free three-letter monogram for your rain boots.