Rum pirate 'parrrty' at Railean's Distillery in San Leon

SAN LEON, TX (KTRK) -- Avast! Texas Road Trippers Steve Campion and Pooja Lodhia decided to take a shot at some pirate "parrrty" fun and drove to Railean's Distillery in San Leon.

"You go to the end of the street and everybody thinks it's a dead end road and they think, 'Oh! We've gone the wrong way,' and then you're here," said customer Annette Causey.

"We're sailors, my husband and I," said Railean's Distillery owner, Kelly Railean. "When we got into this we were like, 'let's start a rum distillery!' It was like drinking bad rum one evening."

Railean's opened in 2007. In the back room, you can watch as rum, whiskey, and blue agave are distilled, then fermented. In the front, the bar is the real draw.

"What do pirates do, what do sailors do? We drink rum, we pillage, we plunder. We've been talking and dressing like pirates for probably fifteen years," said Railean.

In case you didn't catch it, the bar is pirate themed. Regulars wear pirate costumes and make pirate jokes. It's hard to go more than five minutes without hearing an "Arrrrgh!"

"Once you come down here and you get acquainted with all these people, you can't leave. You just want to come back," said another customer.
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