Radhaus pours up mouthwatering German beer and frosted donut pairings

ByJanel Andronico Localish logo
Monday, March 6, 2023
Dig into these beer-infused donuts at this German food hotspot
Sip and sample these unbeerlievable donut and German brew pairings.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Who doesn't love washing down a delicious donut with some German beer? Co-owner of SF hotspot Radhaus, Aaron Hulme, certainly thinks it's a winning combo.

"I think to say I fell in love with beer isn't exactly correct. But, I think to say that I fell in love with German beer is correct," explained Hulme. "And it wasn't until I visited Bavaria and had beer in context that I really understood how important it was to the culture, and how important it was to my culture."

He added, "And we've been bringing a lot of this into San Francisco and the west coast for a long time. And we are able to offer some of the best selection of the best brewers in California.

The beers on tap at Radhaus represent what Hulme thinks is the very best of Bavarian brewing tradition - in fact, it's the oldest continuous recorded brewing in history.

The restaurant offers beer and donut pairings as part of its Starkbierfest celebration. And one of the donuts features a beer-infused custard! Starkbierfest is a historical celebration of strong beers and, at Radhaus, their whimsical Bavarian fare and fun-loving vibe.

"We have beer elements in our donuts and they pair even better now with the beer," said Hulme. "The sweet malt in the beer matches with the sweetness of the donut."

After visiting Bavaria, Germany, Hulme fell in love with German beer and communal-style dining. He aims to share the culture with all who visit Radhaus.

"The goal of opening this place was to introduce San Francisco to that culture of sitting in communion and drinking with friends and family," described Hulme. "The large beer hall format is something we don't often see in cuisine in America."

He added, "Everyone is welcome and large quantities of food and beer are consumed in a happy atmosphere."

For more information, visit here and follow Radhaus on Instagram.