Harris County neighborhood wakes up to racist flyers, culprit caught on camera

Tuesday, June 7, 2022
Culprit caught tossing racist flyers in Harris Co. neighborhood
ABC13 has exclusive footage that shows a car drive by, with someone in the backseat, seen throwing something. The resident said a racist flyer was found in that spot.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- Dozens of residents in a northwest Harris County neighborhood woke up to racist flyers with swastikas and white supremacist slogans thrown throughout their neighborhood overnight.

"It's scary because I am Hispanic," Rita Sanchez said. "It's prejudice towards me and my grandchildren. They aren't just white."

The racist flyers, containing different messages, were put in Ziploc bags with two rocks inside, most likely to hold them to the ground.

ABC13 has exclusive footage that shows a car driving by, with someone in the backseat, throwing something. A resident said they found a flyer in that spot.

"I was quite disturbed because of the symbolism," Estelle Monroe, a resident, said. "Historically, it's about hate."

Many people in the neighborhood took it upon themselves to clean up the flyers before children playing came across them.

"I picked up about 45 (flyers)," Kelsey Sanders said. "The minority is the majority in this neighborhood. "My fear is whenever the kids started to get up and play outside because it's summer, that they find this on the sidewalk. That is completely disgusting to have a child look at this. I am so proud to say everyone was on the same page, picking them up quickly and getting them in the trash."

Roger Allan also spent the morning cleaning up flyers scattered around his street.

"We have a good community," Allan said.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office said their criminal intelligence division will handle the investigation.

HCSO said unless there is a direct threat written on the flyers, it is difficult to press charges because it is considered freedom of speech.

Regardless, the community wants whoever is responsible to know they don't tolerate the messages.

"We aren't about that, and everyone banded together and said this isn't up," Allan said.

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