Possible rabid bobcat bites father and son

A father and son in Maine are receiving treatments for rabies after a bobcat attack on May 2.

The attack happened after the bobcat allegedly took refuge in the family's barn.

A neighbor spotted the animal and warned the family that the bobcat was coming from the woods.

When John Plowden reached out to authorities the bobcat showed up.

"We were standing like 15 to 20 feet off the barn and backed up and it took a step towards me and then it turned," Plowden said.

Plowden said the bobcat then lunged at his son, Justin, biting him in the face.

"All of the sudden it latched up. I don't remember much, I just remember my dad pulling it off of my cheek," said Justin Plowden.

The father was also attacked and bitten on the arm by the bobcat.

Both, the father and son, went to the hospital to get treated for rabies.

Officials are still looking for the animal.
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