Oops! Model accidentally wins contestant a car on 'Price Is Right'

It's an instant-classic blooper -- a model on the game show The Price Is Right accidentally reveals the winning number to the contestant!

Manuela Arbelaez, one of the models on the show who helps host Drew Carey lead the fun and games, led one contestant right to a new car.

Contestant Andrea had three chances to guess the price of a car, She started at the top with $19,849. That was wrong. But for some reason, Manuela takes off the card below it without prompting. The second price, $21,960, was the correct answer. She tries to cover it up. But it's too late.

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"I WON IT!" Andrea yells before there's a judges' ruling.

"Congratulations, Manuela just gave you a car!" Carey yells after the model puts her hand over her mouth and hides behind the price board.

Manuela seemed mortified about the incident, but said the producers and Carey couldn't have been more supportive and understanding, and even joked that giving away a car made her feel like Oprah.

At least it wasn't the Plinko $1 million...
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