Ex-President George HW Bush tweets about his spill

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

KENNEBUNKPORT, ME -- Former President George H.W. Bush is showing he has a sense of humor about a spill that fractured a bone in his neck.

The 91-year-old tweeted a smiling photo showing him in a neck brace and giving two thumbs up Thursday. He told his followers, "Who knew jumping out of planes was safer than getting out of bed?"

He also gave thanks "for your kind get-well messages."

The nation's 41st president survived bailing out of his torpedo bomber when it was shot down in World War II and has gone skydiving several times since then, including on his 90th birthday.

Bush took a tumble on July 15 at his summer home in Kennebunkport. Doctors are letting the fractured vertebra heal on its own over the next three to four months.