Teen on trial for murder of pregnant teenage lover

Tuesday, April 14, 2015
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The 16-year-old victim was 4 months pregnant with twins when she was found dead in her home

PEARLAND, TX (KTRK) -- Trial is underway for a 17-year-old man, accused of the murder of his then 16-year-old lover, who was four months pregnant.

Arrijana Hill was pregnant with twins when she was murdered in March 2014. Investigators say she was stabbed and choked. She was found dead in her Pearland home.

Prosecutors explained Hill and her accused killer, Ryan Matthews, had unprotected sex December 18, 2013. He was a fellow Dawson High School student. On January 29, 2014, the district attorney says Hill texted Matthews that she hadn't had a period in December or January. In response, Assistant DA Travis Townsend said Matthews texted back then and repeatedly in coming days, "Did you punch yourself in the stomach? lol"

On February 26, according to prosecutors, Hill found out through a home test that she was pregnant. It was confirmed by doctors the next day. Then, on February 28, Matthews texted Hill telling her to get an abortion saying, "...so it doesn't **** up our lives."

Then March 6, according to investigators, Hill told Matthews she was pregnant with twins. Matthews responded, allegedly by text saying, "WTF? That's not good news", "I can't belive this is **** - ing happing to me."

Then the day of the murder, March 21, there was a lack of texts, for more than a half hour, at a time during which an eyewitness testified he had dropped Matthews off to meet with Hill at her home.

Matthews was an athlete and a friend testified, just prior to the murder, Matthews was focused on playing football and running track in college.

Matthews is now 17 and is being tried as an adult, but because of his age at the time of the murder he would spend 40 years in custody if convicted.

Matthew's attorneys say he is innocent, and that police have ignored evidence which would exonerate him.