Amish murder mystery: Police have no suspects after pregnant woman killed in rural Pennsylvania home

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Thursday, February 29, 2024
Mounting questions after pregnant Amish woman is found dead at home
An Amish woman was found Monday afternoon inside her home on Fish Flats Road in Sparta Township.

SPARTANSBURG, Pa. -- An Amish woman was found dead Monday afternoon inside her home in rural northwestern Pennsylvania. Her mysterious death has left the entire Spartansburg community on edge.

Investigators say they have no suspects in the killing of 23-year-old Rebekah Byler, who was six months pregnant.

Now, police are appealing for tips from the public to help solve the crime, a state police spokeswoman said Wednesday.

A relative and a family friend discovered her body in the living room of her Crawford County, Pennsylvania, home on Fish Flats Road around noon on Monday. They also found her two young children in the home, unharmed, The Meadville Tribune reported, citing prosecutors and the coroner.

Byler's husband was reportedly not home during the time of the murder.

Her death is considered a homicide and "police are aggressively investigating all available leads," police told ABC News affiliate WJET.

An Amish man who knows Byler's family, and asked to remain anonymous, told ABC News her death is devastating.

"We are people who believe in God and turn to him during a time like this," he said.

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According to WJET, family members say they saw a red jeep in the driveway around 10 a.m. the day Byler was killed, and that the jeep was also seen driving up and down the road.

Trooper Cynthia Schick said an autopsy Tuesday has provided evidence, including when she was killed. She said no children were harmed but declined to share other details.

On Wednesday, Pennsylvania state police said there is no new information to release at this time.

Police are "looking into all leads," Schick said, noting that "nothing is standing out" as a possible motive.

Police are interviewing community members and Schick said the Amish community is cooperating with the investigation.

"Keep being vigilant. This is a criminal homicide investigation. Practice safe procedures keep your doors locked, report any suspicious behavior of persons or vehicles whether it was past or current," Schick said.

Police have asked the public to report any suspicious people, cars or activity in the area of Fish Flats Road to the authorities at 814-663-2043.

The Crawford County borough of Spartansburg is about 36 miles southeast of Erie.

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