Armed robber who pleaded guilty in Bun B's 2019 home invasion sentenced to 40 years in prison

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Friday, June 7, 2024
Armed robber in Bun B's 2019 home invasion sentenced to 40 years
The armed robber in Houston rapper Bun B's 2019 home invasion case has been sentenced to 40 years in prison, according to court records.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The man charged with robbing Houston rapper Bun B and his wife Queenie during an April 2019 home invasion has just been sentenced.

ABC13 learned through court records Friday that Demonte Jackson will serve 40 years in prison for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and engaging in organized crime using exhibiting a deadly weapon.

Jackson, who was 20 years old at the time of the incident, pleaded guilty to the felony charges related to the crime, where he held the rapper's wife Queenie at gunpoint and was shot during a gunfight with Bun B.

On Thursday, Bun B, whose real name is Bernard Freeman, spoke for the first time from the witness stand about what happened. He testified for 20 minutes, explaining to the court how that violent, attempted robbery still affects their life.

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During Bun B's testimony, he noted that Queenie had dealt with anxiety before and had just finished therapy when the home invasion happened.

That day, Bun B's wife thought she had an Amazon delivery, but instead, Jackson, who was wearing a mask, was at the door with a gun. He forced his way inside, held her at gunpoint, and then went into the garage in an attempt to steal their car.

Bun B was on the second floor of their home at the time and heard his wife screaming, "Just take the car! Just take the car!"

The rapper said he ran downstairs with his gun, shot, and wrestled with Jackson, who was later found wounded at a hospital and arrested later on.

Bun B said Thursday he'd never heard that kind of terror in his wife's voice in the 20-plus years that they've been married.

"This was an entirely new traumatizing incident," Bun B said. "This is something we still deal with to this day."

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Houston rapper Bun B spoke for the first time Thursday about the 2019 home invasion, where a robber held a gun to his wife's head.

Bun B got emotional on the stand as he recalled that night. He told the court that his wife didn't deserve the trauma that Jackson caused and that he felt the need to go after Jackson with a weapon.

"Just the idea of seeing my wife in this state, hearing her voice in this state. I'm her husband. That's my primary job, to protect her and make her feel safe, and I wanted to know who did this to her," he said.

Jackson's defense team had no questions for Bun B.

The case has taken five years to get to this point because, according to Jackson's attorney, he's suffered from mental health issues.

On Friday, Jackson's grandmother testified, and prosecutors called the witness who performed Jackson's psychological analysis.

Jackson's lawyers said he has been undergoing mental health treatment.

Jackson's sentence will be served concurrently.