Residents in southwest Houston, Galveston, and Calhoun County prepare for Beryl's impact

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Sunday, July 7, 2024
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On Saturday, ABC13 provided team weather coverage, specifically in southwest Houston, Galveston, and Calhoun County.

ABC13's Luke Jones reported from the southwest Houston area on flooded streets hitting Saturday afternoon.

Residents in southwest Houston got their cars flooded after Saturday's street floods.

"It started going into my carpets, my car got waterlogged, and now I'm stuck here. I've been stuck here for be like 30 to 45 minutes," Guillermo Serrano, whose car got flooded from Saturday's thunderstorm, said.

Not to mention, Serrano plans to head further inland alongside his girlfriend and cats to Dayton in anticipation of Beryl.

Emergency leaders encourage people to have emergency storm kits ready and be prepared for power outages.

ABC13's Alex Bozarjian reported from Galveston on the potential impacts that Beryl could bring to the Texas coast.

Galveston County issues voluntary evacuation in anticipation of Tropical Storm Beryl's impact.

On Saturday, the main concern in Galveston County will be the storm surge, for which a tropical storm warning is currently in effect in the area.

Current forecasted threats to Galveston include anywhere between six and eight inches of rain.

Galveston County Judge Mark Henry is reminding residents to pay attention to weather updates, secure outdoor items, and prepare emergency kits.

ABC13's Courtney Fischer reported from Calhoun County on Saturday.

Texas Gulf Coast residents are preparing for arrival of Tropical Storm Beryl on Sunday.

There are voluntary evacuations in Port Lavaca and other coastal towns - but plenty of people have decided to board up and wait it out.

The mood right now is - let's see what tomorrow brings.