Woman rescued after tree falls on New Caney home during Beryl: 'It came that close'

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Thursday, July 11, 2024
New Caney woman rescued after Beryl knocks tree on home
A woman was rescued after a tree fell on her RV in New Caney when Hurricane Beryl brought strong winds and destruction across southeast Texas.

NEW CANEY, Texas (KTRK) -- In Montgomery County, recovery efforts are underway as more than 180,000 homes remain without power.

However, some families are dealing with losing much more than their power during the storm.

Peggy Sue Carpenter has lived in her RV on a property off Liberty in New Caney for over a decade. She told ABC13 she thought she was safe until the strong winds blew a tree on top of her home.

"You never think it's going to be you," Carpenter said. "I just feel like I've been gutted because everything is in that truck."

The last thing she imagined was that her home would be crushed and that she would lose it all.

She had just moved from the corner of the RV to the back when the tree came tumbling down where she was minutes prior.

At that moment, Carpenter said she called her landlord for help as Beryl's strong winds blew.

Carpenter said her landlord and their children helped pry her out of the RV.

"I'm all crouched down because you see it's squished in, and while they're pulling me out, I'm just shaking. Thank you, God, I'm alive. Thank you," Carpenter said.

This is a story she's thankfully alive to tell.

"It came that close," Carpenter said.

She's now working to figure out what's next as she awaits FEMA's help.

Carpenter said she's forever grateful to her landlord and their children for saving her in the middle of the storm.

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