Aerospace engineer no longer with NASA as 7th sexual assault charge filed against him

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Tuesday, June 4, 2024
Engineer no longer with NASA as 7th sexual assault charge filed
NASA confirmed that Eric Sim no longer works at the federal agency as the engineer faces a new sexual assault charge, his seventh.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Another woman has chosen to file sexual assault charges against a now-former NASA engineer.

Eric Sim, 37, is now facing seven counts of sexual assault from incidents from 2019 to 2023 and is currently out on bond.

According to charging documents, the woman told investigators she met Sim on the Bumble dating app in February 2023. The two went on three dates in total.

For the third date, she said Sim invited her to his home, where he planned to cook dinner. According to charging documents, they ended up taking a "tour of the house that ended in his bedroom," and that is when she told investigators the assault happened.

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"Saying, 'I don't want to have sex,' and then sex happened against her consent," Janna Oswald, division chief for the Harris County District Attorney's Office Adult Sex Crimes and Trafficking Division, said.

Oswald described the allegations in the new case as similar to those in the previously filed cases. She said she did not know if additional charges would be filed in the case.

"We just take the investigation as it comes and make decisions accordingly," Oswald said.

NASA confirmed to ABC13 that Sim is no longer employed there but did not elaborate on who initiated the separation.

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Sim is on the job market, which was discussed with Judge Peneguy in court Tuesday morning. His attorney, Neal Davis, spoke with the judge about the obstacles he will face with his court-mandated internet monitoring.

The judge also denied Sim's request to remove his ankle monitor, which he cited in court as embarrassing.

Neither Sim nor his attorney commented as they left the courthouse. His next hearing date is June 25.

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