Homeowners turn to Action 13, saying CenterPoint left power lines dangling in Acres Homes yards

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Thursday, May 23, 2024
Active power lines left dangling in north Houston yards after storms
Residents in Acres Homes turned to Action 13, worried about the active power lines dangling in their yards and waiting for CenterPoint Energy to help.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- Several Harris County residents contacted ABC13 about power lines lying in their yards, including at least one active wire.

Toni Eudaley lives on the north side of Houston and says she had to call the fire department because she feared the line might spark.

"They had a voltage detector, and the line was hot, and they said, 'This is dangerous. Stay away from it,'" she said.

Eudaley said her neighborhood's power was restored on Sunday, but hers didn't come back on.

"I realize I'm not the only one. What bothers me is that this entire neighborhood is hot, and I've got a hot (power) line in my backyard," Eudaley said.

She told ABC13 that she had contacted CenterPoint Energy about the live wire multiple times and received little response.

Within an hour of her reaching out to CenterPoint about her issue, a spokesperson for CenterPoint said that a crew would be sent to her home.

About five miles away in the Acres Homes neighborhood, neighbors Erica Hickman and Kentrell Eaglin said they're worried about the power line down in their backyards.

Hickman and Eaglin said they contacted CenterPoint, which told them the issue was resolved, but when an ABC13 crew arrived at the scene, the pair was still without power, and the line was down.

"I've called several times a day. Even if they couldn't repair the outage if they could at least come and put the lineup in because this is unsafe. I have children in the house," Hickman said.

The CenterPoint spokesperson said they would work to resolve this issue.

Additionally, CenterPoint recommends staying at least 35 feet away from power lines and reporting any that might be down.

At the time of publication of this story, Eaglin said CenterPoint still has yet to reach out to him or Hickman.

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