'Right in, right out': Steady flow of voters as early vote begins in Harris Co.

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Steady flow of voters as early balloting begins in Harris Co. (KTRK)

The first day of early voting is winding down, but there is still plenty of time to cast your ballot ahead of Election Day on March 6 at one of Harris County's 46 balloting locations.

We won't know turnout projections for a couple of days, but we do know there was a steady flow of voters casting their ballots on day one.

"Early voting is easier, because you don't have to wait in forever on voting day," said voter Craig Fernette. "It's right in, right out."

Voter Stephanie Ace agreed.

"I like early voting," she said. "I just like to get it done, mainly. "

So far, it's smooth sailing in Harris County, and county clerk Stan Stanart's office reported no major issues. However, the average voter is taking as long as 10 minutes in the booth, mostly figuring out the long ballots for both sides of the political aisle.

"Be prepared," advised Stanart. "Do your homework on your candidates. Bring your photo ID, though. It's required. For the very few people who do not have one, there is a solution for them. It's called a 'reasonable impediment declaration.'"

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If you vote early, you can vote anywhere in the county. That's especially important after Harvey, given that so many residents are still displaced and their regular precinct may or may not open on Election Day. The storm, and its aftermath, may also be an issue at the ballot box for some voters.

"Harvey is very much a motivating factor for people to vote," said Todd Litton, Democrat candidate for the Congressional District 2 seat, which is being vacated by Republican Rep. Ted Poe. "It's a motivating factor for change, too. It's what we're seeing."

There are 2.2 million registered voters in Harris County. Four years ago, a third of them voted, and half of those voted early. Some 360,000 people cast ballots before Election Day.

Early voting runs through March 2. Election Day is March 6.

For more information on when/where to cast your vote, you can visit votetexas.gov.
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