Mom who says daughter was killed by man in US illegally stands by Trump

HUMBLE (KTRK) -- On a quiet street in Humble, lives the Ruiz family. Patriotic and faithful they live with hope and with pain.

Their 17-year-old daughter, Felicia was murdered in 1999. One of her suspected killers was in the country illegally, according to officials. He's still on the loose.

"Felicia was 17 years old. She was fixing to graduate high school," said Felicia's mother, Carrie. "She had plans and dreams. They ambushed her, beat her, cut her throat, and stabbed her over 39 times."

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Ruiz wants justice. She is not alone in her fight.

In remarks to the Department of Homeland Security last week, President Donald Trump mentioned her by name.

She was in the audience, an invited guest of the president along with several other families whose loved ones have died at the hands of undocumented immigrants. All of them - part of a group called The Remembrance project.

Maria Espinoza, the daughter of a Mexican immigrant, founded the group. She says Trump was the only candidate to listen her pleas for tighter border security and the end of sanctuary cities. He frequently met with them on campaign stops.

"I can hardly believe where we are right now and he's on the right track," Espinoza told Eyewitness News. "All he's asking for is to enforce current laws, to keep America safe, to keep our families safe and have safe communities. "

They are among those happy the President is doing what he promised he would do.

"He gave me and my husband and our family hope again," said Ruiz.

Ruiz also had a message for the demonstrators protesting President Trump's immigration policies.

"I think they need to step back and listen to the man," she said. "Give President Trump a chance to show what he can do." null
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