Mayor Sylvester Turner plans to sit and talk with Houston Firefighter Union

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Today started with a surprise announcement from Mayor Sylvester Turner. He wants to sit down and talk with Houston Firefighter Union about how best to implement Proposition B.

Mayor Turner campaigned heartily against Prop B saying that paying firefighters the same pay scale as police officers was too expensive.

The city couldn't afford it and it would lead to a budget crisis and layoffs.

Now with Prop B new law and a judge telling the city to implement it, the Mayor seems to have softened his tone politically.

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He's looking for suggestions about how to make Prop B happen and is willing to sit down with firefighters to get their ideas.

"Before I lay off any person my plan is to sit down with the firefighters union, as well with others, and ask for whatever proposals, suggestions, people may have to reduce the cost associated with the voter approval of proposition B," Turner said.

The firefighters say they've already presented the city and the mayor multiple ideas about how to pay for the raises.

"The mayor's new found interest in meeting is definitely encouraging," said Marty Lancton with Houston Professional Firefighters Association.

They're ready and willing to move forward.

"Houston firefighters have once again, submitted nearly one million dollars worth of data, research, and analytics to address the very things that he had also mentioned," said Lancton.

They did say, however, they have not yet heard the invitation to meet directly from city hall.

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