Election Day in Spring hampered by tech issues

SPRING, TX (KTRK) -- In Spring this morning, some voting machines were not operating properly, and lines are still an issue due to the technical issue.

Some waited in line for nearly two-and-a-half hours. Those at the front of the line this morning said the polling location didn't open on time. And then, the machines weren't working.

One man said poll workers were seen scrambling inside to find out what was wrong with the machines. A technician was called out to help.

Some couldn't wait, so they left. One voter told us what he saw when he was inside as poll crews were trying to get the machines to work.

Voter Mark Green said, "They were disconnecting cables, moving machines around. They had two working for a while, so then they got another guy in with some cables. They moved them around and got them working."

When two voting machines started working, and then, they all went down. After more than two hours, poll crews were able to get the machines working, and when then made the announcement, a cheer erupted from those standing in line.

Voter Marcus Latham said, "It should be a simple in and out process. But instead, we are waiting for two hours. It makes it really difficult to want to go and vote. I guess I should have gone early."

Remember to go to your designated precinct to vote. Polls close at 7pm. If you are in line at 7pm, stay put. You will be able to vote.
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