America should see full Mueller Report: Sen. Ted Cruz

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A redacted version of the long-awaited Mueller report is set to be released this week, and some prominent Republicans are asking for the full report to be released as well.

United States Attorney General William Barr says he will deliver a redacted version of the report to Congress on Thursday.

The document details Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into any possible Trump campaign coordination with Russia.

Barr's office is blacking out information they deem as sensitive.

Many democrats have asked for the complete, un-redacted report along with all underlying evidence shown to the grand jury.

Some other republicans have requested for the full 400 page report to be released, including Senator Ted Cruz, who spoke one-on-one with ABC13 on Wednesday evening.

"I hope the entire report is released. I've called for the public release early on. I hope very little of it is redacted. If a lot of it's redacted, I'm sure that will be an issue and there will be a lot of discussion about that. I look forward to seeing what's in it," Cruz said.

The full report is nearly 400 pages long.

The justice department says attorneys are deciding what information to black out.

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