Warning: 'Pokemon Go' players risk getting shot

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Monday, July 11, 2016
Warning: Pokemon Go players risk getting shot
'Pokemon Go' players should be aware of several risks

WYOMING, MN (KTRK) -- From finding dead bodies to coming face to face with a mugger, there are some emerging concerns popping up for Pokemon Go players.

The latest: Trespassing and the potential of getting shot.

VIDEO: Woman seeking water Pokemon finds dead body in river

A woman says she was looking for Pokemon when she stumbled upon a body

A police department in Wyoming, Minnesota posted a warning on its Twitter urging players to resist going out in the witching hours of the night to catch Pokemon.

If you do, officers say you might find yourself staring down the barrel of a gun if you wander onto someone else's property.

Police: Armed robbers used Pokemon Go to target victims

AP Photo/TV Tokyo image/Sankei Shimbun

Players are also urged to wear comfortable shoes, as the app is going to push you to walk all over in a bid to become a Pokemon master.

Second, keep your phone charged. Pokemon Go is apparently a battery hog, as some players are finding out.

Finally, watch where you are going as you walk. Players across the country are reporting injuries stemming from trips and falls while playing.