Community re-creates Halloween for 6-year-old hospitalized during the holiday

TEXAS CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- When a 6-year-old girl couldn't celebrate Halloween this year, her neighbors quickly stepped in.

Piper Allen's parents, Kristin and Chris Allen, came up with the idea to host a special Halloween party just for their daughter after she missed the annual costume party while she was being treated at Texas Children's Hospital on Thursday.

Piper was born with tuberous sclerosis, a rare disease that causes tumors or growths in the brain and other organs.

On Thursday, Piper was going undergoing a video EEG that lasted several days, which prevented her from leaving the hospital room.

Piper has been in and out of the hospital several times this year in preparation for a surgery that will implant EEG electrodes directly in her brain to better map where her seizures are coming from.

Their neighbors heard about the Halloween party and decided to help Chris and Kristin celebrate on Saturday.

More than 40 neighbors shared candy, posters and other treats with Piper and her family.
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