Katy restaurateur lends helping hand to struggling eateries

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Sunday, July 26, 2020
Katy restaurateur lends helping hand to struggling eateries
When the pandemic hit, this Katy restaurateur stepped up to help other struggling eateries survive, together.

KATY, TX -- Phat Eatery near Houston is a hot spot for foodies. The Malaysian street food restaurant has been wildly successful since it first opened in Asian Town in Katy, Texas, almost two years ago.

But this year presented a challenge that owner Alex Au-Yeung never expected. When the pandemic struck, he began feeling the effects immediately. He saw neighboring restaurants in Asian Town also beginning to struggle, so he began to look for ways they could survive together. He created an online menu and delivery system to help a Chinese barbecue restaurant next door. He began selling dumplings made by another family-owned restaurant. He purchased bottles of sauce from a local hot sauce shop and gave them away to his customers.

While helping locally-owned businesses, Phat Eatery has also made it a mission to give back to the community amid the pandemic!