Rescuers free dog trapped in abandoned pickup for 4 days

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Dog abandoned in car for days is rescued (KTRK)

Police in Wisconsin say a dog was rescued after it was abandoned in a pickup truck for days on end.

Parking tickets on the vehicle's windshield show the dog had been trapped for at least four days with no food, water or heat.

Officers had to break into the truck to save the dog, who seemed to be relieved to see his rescuers.

A veterinarian with the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Center said the dog is in good shape, in spite of being abandoned.

Dr. Libby Gutting said if you ever see a dog alone in a car for more than an hour, get help.

"An animal could suffer from hypothermia or even pass away from that, so we definitely don't want to leave animals outside in any sort of condition, especially for a car that's not running," Gutting said.

Police said if the dog's owner does not claim him in five days, he could go up for adoption.
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