ANIMAL RESCUE: Dogs and roosters in recovery after being rescued from fighting ring

A couple of dogs and roosters are on their way to recovery after being saved from a fighting ring in Mississippi.

The dogs, mostly pit bulls, are currently happy with all the attention. But, Angie Green with Dixie Adoptables told WLOX that seeing the dogs in that situation takes a toll on their human benefactors.

"It's a horrific scene when we go out and see something like this, because we're in rescue. That's what we do. But it's always hard to see an animal to be in this shape," said Green.

Although the shape they were in was difficult to see, Dr. Matthew Smith, a veterinarian who rendered first aid Wednesday night, says it could have been worse.

"They were in OK shape. There were a couple with some skin issues and some different conditions there. But as far as the overall condition in the majority of the dogs, they were all in fairly decent shape," said Dr. Smith.

A total of five fighting roosters were also rescued with the dogs.

As for their future, Captain Duane Bowline with the George County Sheriff's Department says the ASPCA has guidelines on how to handle a situation like this.

"One of those things is a surrender form for the owner to surrender the dogs, or relinquish them to us. And we're going to address that," said Captain Bowline.

When most dogs are confiscated from a dog fighting ring, almost all the time they have to be put down, because they are simply too aggressive. That may not be the case with these dogs, as Green says these dogs just need love, like any other animal.