'Mailman Malt Licker' Houston couple creates 'beer' your dog will lap up

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The next time you head to the fridge for a cold one, grab a brew for your dog.

That might make you pull a Scooby Doo and say, "Huh?," unless you've met Houston couple Megan and Steve Long, the founders of Good Boy Dog Beer: a beer for dogs.

They explain on their company's website that they came up with the idea to help their rottweiler, Rocky, who is sensitive to foods and allergies, manage his diet better.

As you may have guessed, it's not actually beer. The Longs clearly state online that the treats don't contain any alcohol or hops. But they do use all the same equipment as a brewery, just minus the fermentation.

Instead, each can is packed with different fresh ingredients. But with the names of the treats, your dog probably won't even realize it's not happy hour.

For example, IPA lot in the yard is pork based while Mailman Malt Licker is chicken based. Veggie based and peanut based options are also available.

Humans can also drink it, but you may want to taste at your own risk. The Longs say on the site that "you may find it bland and yes, we've tried it."

Prefer to go to the real pub instead?

Good Boy Dog Beer is available at several local businesses. You can find all the locations here.

After all, it's 5 o'clock somewhere!

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