Peruincafolk: Celebrating Peru's culture through dance from the coast, mountains and amazon

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Peruincafolk: Celebrating Peru's culture through dance
Peruincafolk dance group celebrates the rich and contagious dance moves of Peru.

PATERSON, New Jersey -- The contagious rhythms of Peru's coast, mountains and amazon are being spread throughout New Jersey by Peruincafolk.

"Peruincafolk is the group I founded and dedicated to Peru and our ancestors, the Incas. We try to show what represents the best of Peru which is the Marinera dance, the dances of the highlands, and we also have a small group that represents the Afro-Peruvian culture which we also practice," said Rosa Carhuallanqui, founder of Peruincafolk.

The Marinera, a coastal dance of Peru, is an elegant and romantic couple's dance, where the man courts the woman until the woman yields to his gallantry through the dance.

"It's important to know this dance because it is traditional in our country and a way of representing your country and identifying yourself," said Brianna Gaona Zamora, a Peruincafolk dancer.

"This has a big meaning because practicing your heritage, you'll be a part of this country. It's very important to understand where you come from and to practice your culture. You should never forget your culture. It'll make you different," said Carhuallanqui.


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