The science behind choosing a fragrance and finding your signature scent

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Monday, July 12, 2021
How do you find your signature scent?
Did you know the same perfume can smell completely different on each person? There's a science behind choosing a fragrance. Here's how to find your signature scent

BABYLON, New York -- I've never had a "signature scent" because I've never picked out a fragrance myself. The only perfumes I've spritzed on are fragrances I've received as gifts.

The whole experience overwhelms me; shopping in a department store full of scents, I can barely tell the difference.

Plus, with such high price tags, I don't want to pay for a perfume unless I'm certain I'll like it.

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Turns out, there's a science to finding your signature scent and I learned all the best tips while trying one of Bvlgari's fragrance collections.

The Allegra collection is a personalized experience starting with a quick online quiz to determine your main eau de parfum, then adding a magnifying essence to make it uniquely yours.

This makes a lot of sense considering your sense of smell is different than someone else's and your body chemistry will change how a scent smells on you.

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So, Bvlgari created a system that allows you to mix, match and customize!

Not only did I finally find my own signature scent but I learned how and where to properly apply eau de parfum (I've been spraying it wrong my whole life).

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