City in Texas makes history with its first ever Vietnamese mayor

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Tuesday, November 17, 2020
Palacios elects its 1st Vietnamese mayor
Linh Van Chau made history in the city of Palacios as its first Vietnamese mayor. But, in the video above, Mayor Chau's path to the top position was a long and winding one.

PALACIOS, Texas (KTRK) -- The coastal town of Palacios made history when it swore in its first-ever Vietnamese mayor, Linh Van Chau.

We got a look back at the challenges Chau, an immigrant, overcame to become a judge and now a mayor in the town in Matagorda County.

Chau's daughter Jennifer Kim Chau tells ABC13 her father immigrated from Vietnam after he was left essentially stranded at Fort Knox, Kentucky, while training with the U.S. Army when Saigon fell.

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When Chau arrived in Palacios in 1987, he worked for years for Texas Parks and Wildlife.

While there, he spent years volunteering as a translator and mediator to help ease racial tensions between newly-immigrated Vietnamese shrimpers and the coastal fishing community in the '80s.

Chau formerly served the City of Palacios for over 25 years as the municipal judge and was the first Vietnamese municipal magistrate of the state of Texas.