Couple turns Woodlands waitress' bad night into one she'll never forget

THE WOODLANDS, TX (KTRK) -- What started as a bad day for a waitress in the Woodlands turned out to be a night she'll never forget.

Paige Valles was waiting tables at a Chili's in The Woodlands Saturday. Towards the end of her shift, she says she was upset. That's when a couple she was waiting on noticed and asked if they could pray for her.

Together, the three of them prayed...and cried.

Later that night, Paige noticed that the couple had left her a $50 tip on a $25 tab.

According to Paige, it wasn't the tip that made the night so special. Rather, it was the couple reaching out in her time of need.

"The fact that they didn't even know me, I was some random person to them," said Paige. "And that was amazing."

Paige says she's sharing the story to let people know there's still good in the world and to never lose faith when things aren't going well.

On Tuesday, we heard from the couple that made Paige's night. They do want to be anonymous, but sent a message, which reads in part,

    "When we walked into Chili's Saturday night we had no idea that God would place her in our path. He did, and we were simply obedient to the "nudge" to speak into her life, pray with her and bless her with a good tip. This story is certainly less about the money than it is about her faith in God being rekindled...and that's worth more than any amount of money.

    I've got to be honest. We did this with no desire to be recognized or for her to find out who we were. We left the restaurant that night with an exhilarating feeling knowing we were just being obedient to God, and we knew He was going to use our obedience to bless Paige in a great way. When I saw the article with the picture of our receipt come across my Facebook feed I was blown away... I read it and saw the picture and immediately knew it was us."

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