Resolution met after League City landlord places nails along fence to stop climbing dog

LEAGUE CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- A League City dog owner is pleased after nails used to keep his dog from climbing a fence were removed.

The dog owner was furious after nails appeared on his fence, which were placed there by the man who owns the home next door.

Landlord Percy Smith says the nails have been removed by the dog owner and he has installed a 2" PVC pipe rail on rollers that will spin when touched by the pet. Smith says this should prevent fence-walking and not cause injury to the dog.

Brandon Gauntt recently welcomed a new dog to his League City home.

"We picked Sky because of her temperament," Gauntt said.
What he didn't realize was how fitting Sky's name was. The dog likes to climb.

Recently, his neighbor captured Sky balancing along the fence.

"I was shocked when I saw the initial picture," Gauntt said.

The actions didn't just shock his neighbors, it terrified them. The tenants contacted landlord Percy Smith.

"The dog climbed the fence while you're working in the backyard with the dog sitting six foot six above your head," Smith said. "It's a pretty threatening position to be at."

To stop it, Smith placed wood along the fence, with hundreds of nails poking through. He did so because his tenants have dogs, and a baby on the way.

"You can't shoot the dog, you can't injure him, so you find a way to block him without injuring him and that's what this was," Smith said.
It took a week before Gauntt noticed the nails.

"God forbid she jumped up there and got her paw stuck, and my children come home and find their dog stuck on the fence, impaled," Gauntt said.

Gauntt called police and removed the planks.

"I think of medieval times," Gauntt said. "This is something that is something that is fairly barbaric to me."

League City code enforcement investigated. The city said the nails must be removed because it breaks an ordinance.

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