Sylvia Villagran set to make history as Oscars' first Latina in-show announcer

ByCarlos Granda OTRC logo
Sunday, March 12, 2023
Sylvia Villagran makes history as Oscars' first Latina announcer
Sylvia Villagran is excited to be the first Latina in-show announcer for the Academy Awards.

LOS ANGELES -- You might not recognize Sylvia Villagran but you have definitely heard her.

Villagran's smooth voice can be heard in hundreds of game shows, commercials, awards, promos and live events. She is at the top of her profession and she is truly the American dream. She grew up in the Pico-Union neighborhood of Los Angeles and is a first generation Mexican American.

"Representing for Latinos, it's a huge, huge thing," Villagran said in an interview with ABC7. "When I first started, there was nobody. There were no Latinos doing what I do. So this a really wonderful thing for me and also for my family."

She is excited to be the first Latina in-show announcer for the Academy Awards. When you hear those names being called out on Sunday, she will be behind the microphone.

"There's something really beautiful about taking something that was written and giving voice to that," Villagran said.

She said that when she was growing up it was a male-dominated industry with very few Latinos. She hopes she is a role model for young women.

"Moving forward now, all these years later, I am absolutely thrilled that I can get to be that for young girls, and they get to see that this a possibility for them," Villagran said.

When she completes Sunday's show, she will also be able to claim EGOT announcing status since she's already voiced the Emmy, Tony and Grammy awards -- certainly a historic achievement.

"I am an announcer EGOT-ina," Villagran said. "I haven't won them, but yes I've announced them. What an honor, right? I'm pinching myself. Everything that I've always dreamt of doing, all the hard work, has paid off.".

She says it's a dream come true to do what she loves and her voice will be heard around the world on Sunday.

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