Ohio school district to arm teachers, unanimous vote by school board

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One Ohio school distriict votes to let teachers carry concealed guns. (KTRK)

Madison, Ohio's school board has given the green light to arm teachers, staff and administrators to protect students.

The move left parents and community members seemingly split on the issue.

The resolution allows teachers and staff to carry a gun, as long as they have a valid permit and active shooter training annually.

However, the school board's decision is not sitting well with some parents.

"Studies have shown time and time again, that the more weapons we add into a community, the less secure, the less safe it is," claimed mother Sandra Ison.

Some community members are praising the board for their attempts to improve safety.

"If you people want to protest something, why don't you go to the state level and protest God being taken out of our system. That's what's created all of this," said resident Connie Back.

Also in attendance at the school board meeting were several students who were punished by the school system for walking out while protesting gun violence.

According to WLWT-TV, one of the students at the meeting is a victim of gun violence.

The district declined to say when teachers and staff would be able to start carrying weapons to work.
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