Video shows naked man's arrest on METRO train

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A naked man wielding a stolen pesticide sprayer is captured on video slapping a Houston Police Officer before being subdued with a Taser and arrested.

It happened on the afternoon of June 6, at the METRO Fannin South Transit Center. Police say Keith Dean, 49, was walking naked down a street when a Good Samaritan tried to give Dean a towel to cover-up. Dean then asked him for his watch. The Good Samaritan gave Dean his watch in an effort to calm him down.

Witnesses say Dean then ran away from the man and into the METRO train at Fannin and W. Bellfort.

At that time, Ben Marquina just happened to being walking out of the same train. He turned on his cell phone and began recording. What he captured was remarkable video of police first being attacked and then arresting Dean. In the video, Dean is seen spraying the pesticide at officers then slapping one of them.

In the video, police Taser the naked man after he sprayed bug spray on them.

"This is where he got punched, and glasses flew off, and this is where he fell," said Marquina, motioning to the METRO train platform.

The video shows officers using a Taser twice to subdue Dean.

"Yea the cop, he showed a lot of restraint after getting punched like that, crazy," said Marquina.

As commuters went about their day, the officers can be heard on video calmly talking to Dean, getting him to comply.

"What's going on buddy?" one officer asked. "Can you walk, can you get up?"

The incident would end with no injuries. Dean, in video of his initial court appearance, asked for a court appointed attorney.

This afternoon, HPD released a statement praising the officers.

"We commend these two officers for their actions in bringing a volatile situation to a safe conclusion. The male clearly struck our officer, who in turn used sound judgement in holding his composure and gaining control of the scene...thanks to assistance from his partner," said Executive Assistant Chief Troy Finner.

Dean has been charged with two counts of assault-bodily injury of a public servant.

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