VIDEO: Naked man shocked by police on highway

TULSA, OK -- A naked man was caught on camera on a highway in Tulsa, disrupting traffic and banging on cars. Police shocked the man twice with a taser before arresting him.

Bystanders spotted the man walking along the Tisdale Expressway over the weekend. Police later identified him as James Jackson.

Jackson was nearly struck by at least one car, and could be seen banging on other vehicles, and shouting at drivers. Tulsa police say they gave Jackson numerous commands to stop and get down on the ground but he ignored them.

One officer fired his taser at Jackson but it did little to stop him.

Cpl. Kurt Karner with the Tulsa Police Department said, "After the first officer tased him it looked like he broke the leads which stops the current."

After a short chase and brief struggle, officers gained control of the situation, handcuffed and arrested Jackson. He was booked into jail for indecent exposure, obstructing justice and attempted second-degree burglary. null