Victim shares emotional story following road rage shooting

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- She survived a gunshot to the head in a road rage shooting just days ago. Now in an exclusive interview with ABC-13, she's speaking out about the terrifying moments leading up to the attack.

Kay Hafford is out of the hospital. She says she's bruised but not broken.

"I'm trying to figure out, was he mad before?" she wondered. "I mean, what did I do that honking at him for you cutting me off, I mean his target was to kill me I believe," she said.

The horrific moment Friday morning replays in her head over and over again. It was 7am. Hafford was on Interstate 45 headed to work.

"The car cut me off, and immediately out of reaction, I honked my horn, and he pulled up on the side and he was telling me to pull over, roll my window down," she said. "I sped up, he sped up and then maybe about 30 seconds later, there was a big boom noise."

That noise was a gunshot that had been fired into her passenger side window.

"At first I blacked out and then I got a little bit of sight to feel for my phone," Hafford said.

Thankfully she had just enough strength to ask her iPhone to call 911.

Hafford says she hopes that guilt is eating up the gunman and has a message for him.

"I'm living here to tell people that I survived, and I'm sure it's probably killing him that I'm still alive. That's enough for me, for him to have that anxiety that it didn't work," she said.

The search for the gunman is still ongoing.
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