Transgender woman told she couldn't 'misrepresent' herself as female on ID

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Alexandra Glover was told to remove her makeup for her official ID (KTRK)

A transgender woman says she was discriminated against because she couldn't wear makeup and a dress in her driver's license photo, reports television station WAFB.

Alexandra Glover had been a male named Dylan. While trying to replace an ID card at the Baton Rouge Office of Motor Vehicles recently, Glover said an employee said the makeup needed to be removed.

"Our employees cannot take a photograph of someone who is portraying themselves to be somebody they are not," said Stephen Campbell, the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles for Louisiana.

Louisiana state policy states, "At no time will an applicant be photographed when it is obvious he/she is misrepresenting his/her gender and/or purposely alternating his/her appearance in an effort which would "misguide/misrepresent" his/her identity."

"I'm not misrepresenting my gender," Glover said. "I mean, just because it says male on my ID shouldn't matter."

Glover still has not gotten an ID card.
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