Teacher donates kidney to student

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Teacher reunites with student she donated kidney to. (KTRK)

A Detroit high school student gets a second chance at life thanks to the selfless generosity of her teacher, who gave her a kidney, reports television station WDIV.

That teacher, Nadira Muhammed, and her student, A'ja Booth, reunited this week for the first time after the surgery to a chorus of cheers from her classmates at a Detroit, Michigan high school

At times, A'ja's emotions spoke louder than words, "Coming back is a blessing and wonderful to know that I'm doing good."

After spending days recovering in the hospital, followed by three-day-a-week dialysis treatments, A'ja is now free to do what she wants. So what does she want to do?

"Explore. Go out and do things i never could before," said A'ja.

The woman who made that possible, her teacher, expects her to take care of her kidney, but doesn't expect any accolades.

Muhammad said, "I just saw a human in need and I helped her. I would like someone to do the same for my child and I'm a mother so I felt if I can help I'm going to help -- and I did. Teachers do this every single day. We do this every day."

A'ja kept up with her schoolwork while she was at home and is scheduled to graduate on time next month, with the rest of her class.

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