Stray bullet kills innocent woman sleeping in bed

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- We have an update on the killing of an innocent woman by a stray bullet during a shootout Tuesday night in southwest Houston.

Maria Soto, 61, was killed in the shooting at the Williamstown apartments .

"She told him, 'Oh honey, they just hit me in the back.' Then I turned to her and I saw her bleeding," said Rogaciano Piedra, Soto's husband. "'Just blow me some air because I'm choking.' Then she died in my arms."

The 61-year-old grandmother was dead, an innocent victim of a stray bullet. One look at the scattered shell casings and you know the shootout was uncontrolled with bullets flying in multiple directions.

Neighbors there are used to the sound of gunshots. Even the children know to hide under their beds when they hear shots.

"He comes and runs screaming, 'What's that, mom,'" said neighbor Daniella Fuentes "We have to save my brother."

A three-year-old girl and her sister were sleeping when a bullet flew over their heads, making it all the way to the bathroom.

Using our exclusive Crime Tracker technology, we learned police have been called out to the Williamstown apartments 22 times this year. And in just the past three weeks, they've gotten three calls for shootings.

"That's why I'm leaving," said neighbor Rebecca Mijares. "Because I have my kids I gotta think about."

Investigators are questioning neighbors and people nearby.
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