Security guard fatally shot in southwest Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Police say a security guard was shot and killed while trying to keep a man from entering the property of a condominium in southwest Houston overnight.

Outside the Leawood Condominiums on Leawood and Elmcroft there's increased security right now. And inside, many neighbors, like Crystal Martin, are nervous and on edge learning a security guard was shot and killed at their complex just after midnight.

"I live right here. I heard about five gunshots, and then like a 30 second delay, and heard somebody speed off," said Martin.

The victim's been identified as Rene Almeida, a 51-year-old armed guard with Texas State Private Security System, who'd only been working at the complex two days. Investigators say Almeida had a confrontation with a man who was trying to get on property. Police say that unknown man shot Almeida several times and ran off.

"I was like the last person that seen everything when we pulled up, and a friend across the street actually seen the bike sped off," said resident Frank Villareal.

Villareal says he saw the victim lying in the parking lot outside the guard shack. He and other neighbors described Almeida as kind and courteous.

"They've been doing their job great, actually. For them to get paid that less to be killed at a job, that's not right," Villareal said.

The security guard's murder now has several homeowners at the complex speaking out in frustration, calling the crime the latest issue in a laundry list of safety concerns.

"We do regret what happened, no doubt about that, but there are a lot of issues going on at this complex and we've been fighting for the past year," said resident Katherine Boyd.

Police say they'll be checking surveillance video and security logs to see if that can help generate some leads into this deadly shooting. Investigators are urging anyone with information about the murder to call Crime Stoppers.

Meanwhile, neighbors say they're going to try organizing a fundraiser to help the Almeida's family and children.
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