Employees of closed restaurant say they aren't getting paid

Thursday, December 8, 2016
Employees of closed restaurant say they never got final paycheck
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Employees of closed restaurant say they never got final paycheck, Elissa Rivas reports.

HOUSTON -- Cassandra Bolger used to work at the Heights area restaurant, Black & White, but a few weeks ago that abruptly came to an end.

"I have a check for $600 and a check for $320, the one for $320 is one from September that was never resolved, and we're owed our last week's pay checks and our last week's tips as well," said Bolger.

She was left without a job and paychecks that bounced so she'll have to wait to repair her broken SUV.

One thing that will not wait is the baby she has on the way.

"That on top of all the other stress is kind of just a mountain right now," said Bolger.

We talked to the owner at the restaurant, Hernan Garcia. He only spoke briefly but said the employees would be paid.

Just a couple of hours after we spoke to him, Cassandra told Eyewitness News that the owner had started writing new checks for at least part of the money.

Employment attorney, Stephen Roppolo, says when a business is broke, even bankrupt, paying employees is a priority.

"Employers need to make sure they're paying their people, it's only right, it's what they ought to do, and it's the law," said Roppolo.

The Texas Workforce Commission has information on how you can take action to receive wages, even if your employer suddenly closes its doors.

If you believe you are due wages, want to file a wage claim or fill out the form needed, visit the Texas Workforce Commission website.