Relief for apartment residents after days without power in SE Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- After two grueling days without electricity, residents at Crestmont Village are finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

According to the City of Houston's code enforcement department, the owner of the complex paid the power bill Friday afternoon.

The power has been restored. Christina Douglas said the last few days have been tough.

"This is over 200 people, so I mean, a lot of people have to stay here because we have nowhere else to go," Christina Douglas said. "A lot of these babies didn't have enough food for breakfast so they went to school hungry, and a lot of these kids are still staying here because they were up all night."

According to court documents, the out-of-state owner of the complex has been in trouble for not paying taxes in the past. Also, Crestmont Village is under a court order to make security changes by mid-December.

Thursday night, Tarvin Spencer provided his own security.

"We stayed up to watch the apartment because all the lights were out," Spencer said. "There wasn't nobody here. And it do get violent at night, a lot of shootings, and I feel like if someone was up securing the property, there wouldn't be too much happening."

Families said they have countless problems at the complex, including issues with mold and appliances that don't work; however, tonight, they are grateful to be able to turn on the lights and air conditioner.
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