Police: Weapons found on Amber Alert suspect

PEARLAND, TX (KTRK) -- An observant police officer is being credited with finding the two people at the center of an Amber Alert. We're learning more about that officer and the disturbing items found in the suspect's backpack.

It was under a bridge on the edge of small Cameron, Texas, where 23-year-old Nicholas Vega's time on the run with 15-year-old Emily Lindsey from Friendswood came to an end. So did whatever his plans were.

"I can't envision what he was going to do with all those weapons," said Cameron Police Chief Randy Dixon.

Sgt Kris Stringer, Cameron's most veteran police officer, spotted Vega near the guardrail on Big Elm Creek bridge early Friday morning.

"He was dressed all in black, black gloves, black pants, black shoes and black shirt," said Chief Dixon.

Vega told him he was staying under the bridge with a friend because their car broke down. Hoping for help, he went to retrieve Emily and his backpack.

"The backpack, he had a funny feeling," said Dixon. "He took the backpack away and inside he found a cache of knives and a gun fully loaded with a couple magazines. He found chains, handcuffs."

Soon, the officer discovered Emily was the subject of an Amber Alert and he -- eight years her senior -- had a warrant out for his arrest. Chief Dixon credits his officer for the best ending possible.

"It's easy at 2:30 in the morning just to drive by and think you see something and say, 'I'm not going to mess with it.' He went that extra mile.

Meantime, the teen's family is breathing a huge sigh of relief, thanking everyone who helped them, sent them text messages and said prayers for her safe return.

Her father spoke exclusively with Eyewitness News.

"She's doing great so far," said Emily's father, David Lindsey. "We're just going to take it easy and talk to her and learn more of why and what as the days go by. She fell asleep on the way. We went up to Cameron, talked to the police chief and picked her up, took care of some things we needed to take care of."

Nancy Kelley is Emily's aunt. She happened to be in town this week when all of the drama unfolded.

She says she's surprised to hear how her niece got wrapped up with the suspect. Vega apparently gave the teen a secret cellphone and over the course of a year, lured her into an inappropriate relationship.

But now, everyone is thankful the teenager is back with her parents, especially considering what the suspect was found with.

"We just thank God because the police officers who found them and recognized them from the Amber Alert," Kelley said. "We just thank God."

The teen was taken to a hospital in Temple just to be checked out, and was then on her way home.
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