Police: Serial thief stealing from Hedwig Village offices

HEDWIG VILLAGE, Texas (KTRK) -- A woman is stealing from large office buildings in Hedwig Village, according to police, targeting employees who leave purses and other valuables on their desks unattended during lunch.

Yvonna Rivera said she was a victim of this type of crime a few weeks ago. She said she stepped away from her desk to use the restroom.

"When I got back, I looked in my purse and was like, 'hey, my wallet is gone," Rivera said.

Hedwig Village Police Sgt. Marvin Collins believes the woman responsible is making a living by stealing. Her tactic, he said, is to walk into large office buildings, rifle through employees' purses and desks, and steal wallets and credit cards.

He said security video from Best Buy shows the woman buying a cellphone using a stolen credit card. He said another photo shows her walking into an office building with a duffel bag.

"It's pretty bold, which tells me this is somebody who's probably not just doing this in our city, but throughout the Houston area," Sgt. Collins said.

Another victim who spoke with Eyewitness News on condition of anonymity said she is worried the thief will come back and steal her car.

"I honestly feel she's a despicable person," the woman said, "I still don't feel safe. Every day I go to work, I worry about her. Regardless of whether your bank repays you or not, it's obviously a traumatic experience."

If you recognize the woman in the photos, contact the Hedwig Village Police Department at (713) 461-4797.
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