Police nab pawn shop robbery suspects at Pearland church

PEARLAND, Texas (KTRK) -- Pearland police are still searching for one of five suspects accused of robbing a pawn shop, then running from authorities.

Police said the suspects stole more than a dozen guns from Money Mart Pawn on Broadway.

"One was controlling the employees with a gun and the others went to where they were storing the long guns," explained Lt. Onesimo Lopez. "They grabbed numerous rifles off the rack."

The suspects drove to a nearby church parking lot, where they had a car waiting.

Police arrived as the suspects were trying to transfer the stolen guns from one vehicle to the other.

The suspects ran away, and some of them tried to hide out in the church.

Shannon Lawrence was cleaning the church at the time.

"He was crouched by the window door, so I ran back out and found the cops and told them what I saw," she explained. "He told me to go back into the room and stay locked up, so we were there."

A Pearland police officer was injured by a K-9 dog during the search.

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