Police chief hospitalized after unusual motorcycle accident

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Police chief hospitalized after unusual crash
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Roman Forest Police Chief Stephen Carlisle crashed his motorcycle to avoid hitting a deer.

ROMAN FOREST, Texas (KTRK) -- Roman Forest Police Chief Stephen Carlisle is a hero to so many, not only as an officer of the law but also as a leader in the community.

"He's very community-oriented. He helps anybody that needs it. He's just an all-around good guy," said Rheba Burge, Chief Carlisle's mother-in-law.

He also loves his motorcycle. Last week, Chief Carlisle drove his bike to Fort Bliss to see his son off as he was headed to Afghanistan. On his way back to Houston it started to rain. So he pulled off the road and that's when a deer ran in front of his bike.

"When he had to stop aggressively, the bike and he tumbled several times," said Roman Forest Police Captain Dimitri Jasonis.

He did not hit the deer but he was injured. Chief Carlisle was taken to the hospital. Loved ones say he has broken ribs, a lacerated spleen and a possible punctured lung.

"He's in pain constantly. It's hard for him to breathe," said Burge.

Despite his pain, loved ones say he's keeping his spirits high.

"He's a hard worker and he's got a really tough, bright spirit. So he's going to be able to, I think, that's what going to keep him getting through this," said Doyna Carlisle, Chief Carlisle's daughter-in-law.

As Chief Carlisle heals, his family is asking for your prayers.

"Just prayers. We need a bunch of them," said Burge.

No word on how long Chief Carlisle will be in the hospital.

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