Pasadena police find skimming devices at ATMs, fuel pumps

Pasadena police find skimming devices at ATMs and fuel pumps in the city.

Pasadena police are warning residents and drivers about credit/debit skimming devices found at several ATMs and fuel pumps in the area.

Police say they found one skimming device placed over the card reader and held together with a strong, double-sided tape. They also found another device with a pinhole camera strategically placed to capture customers' PIN numbers.

There are several ways to prevent becoming a victim of this scam:

- Check your bank account on a regular basis
- Inspect the card slot before inserting your card, and be suspicious if it is crooked or loose. You can give the card reader a slight tug to ensure that it is not being held in place by tape.
- Anytime you have to enter your personal identification number to complete a transaction shield the number pad with your opposite hand to prevent any nearby mounted cameras to record your number.
- When using fuel pumps, choose one that is near the attendant. Suspects typically choose fuel pumps furthest away from the attendant or in shadows to prevent detection.
- Pay inside whenever you can. This method is time-consuming; however, it is the best practice in preventing this type of scam from happening to you.
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